Allied NationsEdit

The WagaweeasEdit

Status: Allies

The Wagaweea tribe are a good friend and ally of the Anderson Empire. Both the AE and the Wagaweeas retain close ties due to the fact that the lands of the Anderson Empire were a fief owned by a Wagaweea who peacefully split off to form the Independent Anderson Empire. (As the founding member of the AE, he also became emperor.) Another factor helping relations is the close friendship between the head of the Wagawweas and the Emperor. The Wagaweeas are also the chief trading partner of the AE. The AE has access to Fort Storm and Fort Phoenix, both Wagaweea forts. The Wagaweeas have access to Anderson Point, an AE stronghold.

Estimated members: 18-23

Nations With Diplomatic RelationsEdit


Status: Neutral

The Saxon tribe was formed much the same way as the AE: Another Wagaweea discontent with the way things were being run took his fief and turned it into another independent nation. Two Saxons have accompanied the Wagaweea and AE forces on raids against the now-defunct Aidens.

Estimated members: 3-5

Yellow PinesEdit

Status: Nuetral

The Yellow Pine tribe is a friend of the Wagaweeas, therefore making them a friend of the AE. A Yellow Pine has accompanied Wagaweea and AE forces on raids against the now-defunct Aidens. A Yellow Pine has also assisted a Wagaweea and an AE member in the construction of Fort Phoenix. The Yellow Pine tribe is threatned with civil war due to discontent among the lower ranks. Despite this, they remain a valuable trading partner. However, war could break out between the Yellow Pines and the Wagaweeas, if this happens, then the AE would be obliged to assist the Wagaweeas.

Estimated Members: 5-8

Uncontacted NationsEdit

Fighting IrishEdit

Status: Neutral

Not much is known about the Fighting Irish tribe, as the AE's only source of information on them; the Wagaweeas, are strangely reluctant to provide more information on them. What is known is that they are expert carvers, enabling them to turn simple sticks into much more effective weapons. The head of the Wagaweeas owns several staffs and swords crafted by the Fighting Irish. The AE hopes to contact them in order to procure some of these weapons, as well as trading oppurtunities.

Estimated members: 5-8

Enemies and Hostile Non-State ActorsEdit

The Anderson Empire has no current enemies or disputes with any tribe at this time. However, the Yellow Pine tribe is a potential enemy due to their dispute with the Wagaweeas.

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Defunct NationsEdit

Aidens (Destroyed)Edit

The Aidens were the long-time enemies of the Wagaweeas before they were destroyed recently in a final siege. Had they survived through the creation of the AE, we would be at war with them now. Originally formed in 2006 by Deacon Grubbs, the Aidens were not particularly successful until a usurper known only as "Aiden" kicked out Grubbs and installed himself ruler of the Aidens in 2008. The Aidens then proceeded to wage a war against an allied coalition made up of the Wagaweeas, Yellow Pines, and Fighting Irish. "Aiden" actually quit around November 2010, but the Aidens keep their name because of their intial success against the coalition.

The Early Stages (2008-2010) Edit

The first few battles went poorly for the coalition. They were not unprepeared for war, but they were unprepeared for the ruthlessness and underhanded stratagies that Aiden brought to the table. After the first few battles though, the coalition ajusted its stratagy and turned the tide of the war. After another large battle near Difficult Run in which the coalition utterly routed the Aidens, the tables were turned but the war fell into a lull until 2011.

The Siege (April 2011) Edit

The endgame began in March 2011 when a small skirmish ended with the capture of an Aiden officer. After he revealed the location of the last Aiden fort, he was released, but only after he promised to quit the Aidens for two months. A three-strong Wagaweea force was all that was needed to overcome the two-strong Aiden garrison, which was also poorly equiped and trained. (At this point there were only about 7 Aidens left.) The garrison was easily overcome, the "siege" lasted only about 10 minutes and most of that time was spent drawing up battle plans or taunting the other side. Since the Aiden's last stronghold was now captured, they had effectively lost the war, even though they had never surrendered, and the remaining members soon disbanded.

Pheonixes (Disbanded)Edit