The Anderson Empire is an imperial military regime in the Great Falls area led by Imperator Caesar Augustus Craig Anderson. The empire consists of multiple feifs scattered across Northern Virginia. With only two citizens counting the Emperor, it is a rather small nation in terms of population, but currently the only nation with a presence on the web.


The Anderson Empire is ruled by Emperor Craig Anderson, known by his full title as Imperator Caesar Augustus Craig Anderson. He exercises near absolute power over the AE. The AE itself is semi-feudal, with its land divided up into feifs and administered by nobles chosen and appointed by the Emperor to do so.

Feifs and Their LordsEdit

New Ayr: Lord Matthew Anderson, Knight of the Imperial EagleEdit

New Ayr is the only current feif not directly controlled by the Emperor. It is a large floodplain on the eastern bank of Difficult Run, and is the location of Fort Hedgehog.