Upon swearing fealty to the Empire, new members are automatically inducted into the ranks of the imperial armed forces as a lieutenant. One may then progress either up the ranks of the military by completing tasks, or, if one has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist the empire, he or she may be inducted into the ranks of the nobility.


A soldier is required to address a superior officer, foreign dignitary (diplomat), or knight as either "sir" or their rank and name ("Major Smith", etc.) unless otherwise specified. Soldiers must address nobility except for knights as "my lord" unless otherwise specified. All but the Crown Prince are required to address the Emperor as "my lord". Nobility may refer to one another as they wish.

Titles, Medals, and OrdersEdit

Upon joining the military, each new member receives a title based on their job and geographic location. For instance, if John Smith from Vienna joins the Empire as a scout, his title would be Lieutenant John Smith, Scout of the Vienna Military District.

If any citizen of the Anderson Empire demonstrates uncommon valor, loyalty, hard work, or intelligence in the service of the AE, he or she will not only be awarded with a promotion, but, depending on the specific action, a medal will be awarded. For example, the medal for demonstrating uncommon valor (bravery) is the Steel Eagle. Thus, if Lt. John Smith were to receive the Steel Eagle, his title would be Lieutenant John Smith, Scout of the Vienna Military District, awarded Steel Eagle.

While nobles are also able to receive medals, all nobles upon their being knighted are required to join an order of their choosing, or one of their own creation. If John Smith is allowed into the ranks of the nobility and chooses the Bear as the animal of his order, his full title would be Sir John Smith, Knight of the Bear, awarded Steel Eagle.

Military RanksEdit

  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Commander
  • General
  • Marshal
  • Imperator Caesar Augustus Craig Anderson

Ranks of the NobilityEdit

  • Knight
  • Duke
  • Crown Prince